Coco, Hanging On

Coco suffered her seizure throughout most of the cab ride to the vet that her tongue had turned blue but Ena stayed calm and Coco was rushed into emergency and administered oxygen, put on IV and given a diazepam jab to stop the seizure. Her body temperature was so low that they needed to use hot water bottles to warm her up.

Coco at home when we went to visit her for the first time
Coco at home, too weak to stand properly 

They did a blood test and it was no surprise that the results showed that she has end stage renal failure. Her seizure was probably caused by the buildup of toxins in the kidneys. According to her family, Coco has been walking around with her head down and walking in slow circles which could signal a neurological problem. Her eyes are a little glazed and leaking discharge so we are unsure if she has any sight in them. She is also severely dehydrated. However, these are all secondary concerns. The main priority is to stop the seizures. Thankfully, Ena has been going over to the elderly couple’s home twice a day to give Coco subcutaneous drips for the past 2 weeks, that sustained her and kept her going.

Hot water bags to keep Coco warm as her body temperature was low 

The vet wanted to ward Coco for 2-3 days. However, with our experience, we'd rather not ward old dogs overnight. It’s very scary for any dog to be alone in a strange environment without their loved ones, much less an older, sick dog. So the plan is to have Ena take Coco to the vet every morning and update the vet on Coco's condition at home. The volunteers will see to her discharge and send her home at 8pm in the night. To reduce the stress of waiting for a cab each morning, we have arranged for pet transport to take Ena and Coco to the vet for the next 3 days. While at the vet, Coco will receive fluids, glucose, food through IV, heat pad and be under close monitoring for any seizure. Each day is estimated to cost around $350 to $400. We don’t know how she will be, if she will get any better, or how long this arrangement will need to be in place. We have planned this till Friday and will re-assess the situation then.

Discharging Coco, after spending a full day at the vet on IV drips
Volunteers sending Coco home
Coco sleeping soundly at home. Actually she is heavily sedated.

It’s a bit more trouble and effort arranging and coordinating daily visits to the vet as all our volunteers have day jobs, but we want Coco to be able to see her family every night and not be scared or worried alone at the vet overnight. We want what's best for Coco, for her to be comfortable and unafraid. If she needs to transition, we hope to ease it so that she goes without much pain and suffering.

If you can help with the vet bills and bring some comfort to and elderly couple, their old dog, and a kind neighbour who won't give up on them, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg.


Devastating News About Baby Harper

All is not well with Harper. She has not been eating well over the last few weeks, usually only eating a few mouthfuls a day, and sometimes only just 2-3 pieces of meat. Even roast duck, KFC and chicken nuggets don't tempt her enough to eat. Feeding Harper has always been a challenge. Harper does not like liquids. She has been on a subcutaneous drip for the past year as she was diagnosed with kidney disease before. Her kidney readings are back to normal but she continues to be on drip due to her continued aversion to water, milk or broth.

Harper at the vet this afternoon

Her liver readings are off-the-charts

We brought Harper to the vet today as her lack of appetite was concerning us. The results of the blood test were devastating. Her liver has failed, the readings so off-the-charts that the machine could not record them. The vet's first suspicion was poisoning but Harper did not show any other signs such as vomiting or diarrhea. Besides, Harper being such a picky eater, it is unlikely that she ate something off the floor on her walks. Her liver failure is acute, and the vet concluded that it could be due to diet or is congenital. Given that Harper was born with a lot of deformities, including smaller organs, it is likely to be the latter. Despite her ailments, Harper is, at least, still alert, active and cheeky, and stills shows great joy on her daily walks and weekly dips at the beach in Sentosa.

Harper's slaves taking her for a dip last week 

Harper being the fussy eater, imagine the struggle to get her to eat her meds which total 8 tablets! She struggles so much each time that it looks like she is having a seizure. Today the vet recommended that she be put on a low protein diet, which must be as unappealing as it sounds as she would not even go near. The food needs to be blended and fed to Harper through a syringe. She does not like that very much and 70% of the food ends up on her fosterer's clothes then in Harper's tummy where it should be.

Harper drawing blood for tests

Dr Ly has ordered an ultrasound to try and identify the cause of Harper's liver failure. As much as we want to get it done sooner, it is only scheduled for tomorrow afternoon as the ultrasound technician is away today.

Today’s vet bill was $560 and tomorrow’s ultrasound will set us back by another $420. We do not have any funds left but how do we tell Harper we can’t afford it because Raphael and Sugar had utilized all our funds?

We hope she pulls through this because we all know she’s a little fighter, so we need to give her a fighting chance. Email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg if you can help with Harper's vet bills. 


World Animal Day 2017

4 October is World Animal Day. A day to recognize the contribution our furry friends make in our lives. Dogs make us safer, sniffing out drugs and bombs, often at a risk to their own lives. They shower us with unconditional love and affection. And they make us a better version of ourselves.

Shweta and Mary (adopted)

At HOPE Dog Rescue, we want to celebrate World Animal Day 2017 with a simple
four-letter word: HOPE.

Hope that you choose to adopt a dog instead of buying one (and promoting cruel breeding practices). An adopted pet is every bit as capable of endless love and loyalty as his purebred counterpart who is unfortunately a victim himself of mercenary, over-breeding practices.

Lois and Marilyn  (adopted)

Hope that the next time you walk past a stray, you spare a thought for him, for what he may have endured, and how you could make his life better, even a little.

Baby Sugar *available for adoption*

Hope that you never think less of a special-needs dog, or think he is too much work or not worth it. Because he certainly is. Our special needs-dogs like Matthieu, Harper and SiDa have such a bright, positive and cheerful outlook on life despite their handicaps, they put most of us to shame.

Hope that you appreciate how valuable an addition a senior dog can make to your home. And what an enriching, meaningful experience it can be to give a loving, mature animal a home in their final years.

Adora *Available for fostering / adoption* 

Hope that you share our vision of giving our street dogs a renewed chance at life, of showing compassion and empathy to our furry buddies who have known none.

Raphael, our latest rescue 

This World Animal Day it is our hope that all street dogs find a home they belong to, and be loved and cherished as they truly deserve.

Written by : Sheenu


Sofie the Cat

Sofie the cat was taken to the vet because her gums were bleeding. 

We found out at the vet that this was due to a case if feline stomatitis. The vet will need to take out all her molars and pre-molars, leaving her with only her canines. We do not know what caused her stomatitis, whether it was due to calicivirus or tartar on her teeth. Sophie also tested positive for FIV and will need to be isolated while she is warded overnight.

Sofie feeling miserable and in pain

Sofie is one of Uncle Seng’s cats that we took in when he lost his job some 2+ years back. Read her story here.

Sofie at the vet

Her blood tests also show that she is slightly anemic and dehydrated, has a low platelet count and high protein levels. Thankfully, she will still be able to undergo surgery to remove her teeth; vet estimates 9 to 12 teeth to be extracted. Her fur is also in very bad condition but should get better once her teeth are removed so she can groom herself properly. She has a corneal ulceration which could be due to cat flu and previously scarred when she lived as a stray on Uncle Seng’s factory compound. It is hard to check her eyes now as she is being a grumpy cat due to her discomfort. The vet will check her eyes further when she is under general anesthesia.

Having blood drawn at the vet

If you can help with Sofie's vet bills, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg. She is presently undergoing her surgery.

Written by: Sam


Hit & Run (Raphael)

We were on one of our regular Saturday feeding rounds last night when we noticed that one of the usual dogs was missing. When we asked the workers in the area about the missing dog, whom we named Raphael, they told us that the whole pack of dogs had gone out to play the day before, but this one did not return with the others.

Raphael playing in his "playground"

So we searched high and low, all over the nearby areas, and finally found him hiding in a corner. He was lying down, obviously in pain and unable to stand. But there were no visible wounds, which was quite baffling. We carried him to our car and took him to the vet. He was so sweet and allowed himself to be picked up without resisting or struggling at all.

Hiding in pain

Arriving at the vet and trying to put Raphael on the stretcher 

By the time we arrived, it was close to midnight, which meant emergency charges applied. But poor Raphael was in such great pain that there really wasn’t a choice of waiting for daylight to see the vet. After looking him over, the vet could only conclude that the problem was with Raphael's spine or hip. The entire left side of his body was in pain and he couldn't put any weight on his left front and hind legs. He was also dripping pee everywhere. We're not sure why but maybe it's because he was in so much pain that he wasn't able to pee properly. For now, the vet will keep him at the clinic and stabilize him. First thing tomorrow, Raphael will go in for an X-ray to find out what exactly went wrong.

Extremely handsome and large sized, weighing 27kg. Vet compared Raphael to a Bernese Mountain dog.

The whole time, Raphael was so so sweet and cooperative. The vet shaved his arm and put in a drip, but he didn't even flinch. He has never even seen a shaver before, yet he was so trusting and allowed the vet to do as she pleased. Even the vet was impressed and kept complimenting him and saying what a nice stray he was.

Poor Raphael - look at his badly matted tail. Workers call him"Long Tail"

It seems like Raphael is also really popular with his pack because all his doggy friends were very sad at his absence and didn't eat after he disappeared. Strays may not know the love of a human family like pet dogs, but they're also loyal and affectionate creatures that feel sadness and pain when bad things happen. Poor Raphael, and his poor friends too, that pain is such a common occurrence in their lives. We hope that Raphael will get well soon ASAP so that he can rejoin his friends.

Vet checking his joints and reflexes 

X-rays have been done and Raphael’s hip has been dislocated when he was hit by a lorry. Surgery will be done tomorrow, after which he would require a foster for 2 months.

If you also find yourself falling in love with Raphael, please consider making a contribution towards his vet bills as our recent rescue, Sugar’s vet bills and weekly vet reviews have come up to quite a substantial amount and wiped us dry. Email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg if you would like to help.

Look at the size of his paws!

Written by: Elena


Mr Aziz. Kindness Knows No Barriers

Working as volunteers in an animal welfare group, we often see dogs that have witnessed a lot of unkindness. Cases of abandonment, abuse, neglect, etc. are all par for the course.

But we have also met people who show real kindness to animals too. And it's these people who really stand out in our memory. After all, isn't it much more heartwarming to hear and tell tales of kindness rather than of cruelty? Today, our story is about Mr Aziz. Although he is a Muslim man, his dedication towards helping street dogs is truly inspiring and unforgettable.

Our two favourite old men <3 <3

We first met Mr Aziz five years ago, when he saved Matthieu, an old street dog. Mr Aziz had been feeding and caring for Matthieu for 2 years, when Matthieu unfortunately met with an accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down. Without his care and intervention, Matthieu would surely have wasted away and died a slow, sad death alone at the work site. Although HOPE stepped in to take care of Matthieu's medical needs, Mr Aziz and his family remained involved in Matthieu's recovery and visited him at the vet. Mr Aziz would even pat Matthieu gently on the head.

Although Matthieu still doesn't yet have a permanent home, he's doing very well today in the care of a foster family. Despite being at the grand old age of 15, Matthieu's memory is still very good. When Mr Aziz visits (once or twice a year), Matthieu never fails to light up in happiness and recognition.

Mr Aziz was also the person who saved Baby Harper, another "diaper dog". But Harper, 4+ years old now and also up for adoption, doesn’t remember Mr Aziz because she was less than 2 months old when he saved her :)

What a kind man Mr Aziz is! 

Today, Mr Aziz still continues to feed more than 20 street dogs that live around an industrial area. We help him out by supplying dog food to him on a monthly basis. Unfortunately, we can't always afford enough food for all the dogs. On the days when food is short, Mr Aziz would buy 10 loaves of bread with money out of his own pocket to feed the dogs, so that they will not go hungry.

That's how it's been for the last 5 years - Mr Aziz and HOPE Dog Rescue together, feeding dogs and saving dogs. We are truly touched and inspired that Mr Aziz has remained so dedicated and kind to all these street dogs. As people who care for the well-being of animals, all of us are just doing the best we can. And we'll continue to supply food to Mr Aziz, for as long as he is willing and able to feed the dogs.

You, too, could play a part! Help us and Mr Aziz by contributing some dog food. Purchase BARK kibbles from Pet HQ, pay by online funds transfer, and they will deliver your order directly to us. Fuss-free and simple for you, yet it will mean so much to us, Mr Aziz, and all the dogs that he feeds. Just call Peggy at one of the numbers below to place an order.

Tel: 6265 8510 / 9661 6103

A little kindness goes a long way! Will you lend us your helping hand?


Update: Baby Sugar (III)

Sugar, a name that should mean a sweet, charmed life and yet, in the 3 months of her short life, Sugar has known nothing but pain, suffering and sorrow.

Eyes that have seen more than they should 


More than a week after her surgery, she is still not standing, even though she was supposed to stand 3 days after surgery. We are taking her to the vet this Saturday to do more x-rays. We feel that there may be more fractures. She has lost muscle mass in her hind legs and spends her days holed up in a corner, staring at nothing. Occasionally she drags herself to a cooler spot.

We just noticed that her 2 front paws look deformed and will be checking with the vet on her next review. Her progress is depressingly slow. Watch her here.

Her right front paw is slightly deformed and her vet recommended her surgery. We've decided to wait for her to stop growing before considering that option.

Sugar is hardly eating or drinking and is syringe fed water a few times a day. She fears humans and trembles when we enter her playpen.

Sad little puppy

We have never seen such a sad puppy, no tail wags, no smiles. All we want is to make her happy and for her to be well again.

If you can help, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg.


Update: Baby Sugar (V)

Barely 3 months old into life and she was involved in a hit & run accident which left her with tire marks on her body, a shattered leg and a broken spirit.

SUGAR is not just sweet, she is extremely brave and well-behaved. Although just 3 months old, she is matured beyond her age as she has never had a childhood.

She is slowly gaining strength and confidence, to walk and to learn to trust humans. Watch her here.

If you would like to ADOPT SUGAR, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg

Sugar thanking the resident dog for guiding her 

Harper's Vet Visit (Update)

Harper had a little poop accident at the vet. She was so afraid of being flipped on her side for the cardiac ultrasound that she had diarrhea. The good news is that the poop accident was the worst of it. 

Harper, during the cardiac ultrasound 

The ultrasound results showed that her heart functions are normal. We also ran a blood test and it showed elevated liver readings, which could be due to her diet. Harper is usually on a diet of cooked duck's breast but we have been feeding her chicken or beef lately since she cannot be tempted to eat anything else. 

Extremely worried about having her blood pressure taken. She was so stressed from the ultrasound that we had to rest for 20 minutes before the blood pressure test 

Thankfully, the liver readings were only slightly elevated and there was no cause for concern. We also discovered a small sore on her inner paw which may be caused by an ant bite which Harper would not have been able to feel. 

Something must have bitten Harper's paw 

Drawing blood to check kidney and liver functions 

Harper is still lethargic and sleeping more than usual. She also seems to be processing things slower which may be due to the deterioration of her nerves and the impact on the brain. For now, we hope to take her out as much as we can to give her the best experiences for as long as she is able to enjoy them. 

Cleaning her wound on her paw 

Written by : Sam